Digital Eye Strain 

Our digital life impacts our daily life! 
As we rely more and more on digital devices through our lives, we put more strain on our eyes. On average, Australians spend 10 hours a day looking at some form of a screen. Today’s lifestyle makes it difficult to avoid screens. Read on to learn more about this important topic and how to adapt to screenlife. 
What is digital eye strain? 
The technical term for digital eye strain is asthenopia, but is also known as digital eye fatigue or computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS is an eye condition occurring when focusing for extended periods of time on a digital device. 
Fluorescent and LED lights as well as LED screens found in televisions, computers, hand-held devices and mobile phones emit high amounts of blue light.  It is the blue light from these devices when used extendedly or held close to the eye are most likely to cause strain to the eye.



What causes digital eye strain?
Your eye muscles are working hard whenever you have to focus up close. Being overworked looking at fixed distances for prolonged periods of time leads to digital eye strain.
Other causes include:
• Exposure to bright light/glare 
• Long periods of activities that demand focus and concentration
• Straining to see in very dim light 

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How to Reduce Digital Eye Strain 



Lens Solution 

Different lens solutions have been developed to help relieve your eyes and prevent digital device fatigue. These lens innovations all consist of technology that help to filter potentially harmful blue light from entering your eyes. 
Everyone can experience digital eye strain symptoms, so the need for prescription lenses is not a prerequisite to owning blue light protection glasses. With these solutions, you can experience comfortable, relaxed vision in front of screens, all day long.





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